PICA 2015 is a time to celebrate this fantastic industry with colleagues, friends and peers.

Changes for PICA 2015

Following the success and support of last year’s PICA Dinner we realised how important it is to stay engaged with the industry and take on board the feedback provided. Based on that we have added a new design category, we have streamlined the labels category and we have introduced a FREE print category into the mix, Category 22.

There are now 2 separate entry forms for the design and print categories, and we have an early bird rate for those of you who are super organised and wanting to get your entries in to us as soon as possible.

Who can enter?

You don’t necessarily have to be the actual printer to enter a category – if you did the design, pre-press, binding and finishing or embellishment on a job that you believe is worthy of PICA Gold you can enter it.

The PICAs give every type of business in our industry the chance to showcase their skills and creativity. Whichever facet of the industry you are in, be it design, pre-press, lithographic, screen or digital printing or binding and finishing, you are encouraged to enter and be recognised for the excellence of your work.

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Graphic Design

1. Typography

Use of existing fonts or uniquely created type in either a multi-page document or single item (motif, brand, icon or statement).

2. Illustration

Any rendering produced by hand or digitally. Single piece or imbedded in a design project.

3. Corporate Identity

This award celebrates the creative visual representation of ideas and messages to promote a business, service, event or product into the marketplace. Must cover at least two mediums (or applications across print and digital media) and include an original logo design which will be judged on its single merit as part of this category. Consideration will be given to consistency, clarity of communication and appropriateness of the design solution to the target audience.

4. Print/Digital Campaign

A print medium, produced by any printing process (any format, any size, any material) which is supported and complemented by a multimedia campaign to benefit a brand, concept, product or business. Entries will be judged on a combination of production and appropriate use of technology.

5. Packaging & Labelling

Any 3 dimensional packaging, applied product label, wrapping or swing tag.

6. Student Award

Any unpublished concept (to finished art quality) or printed piece created to self-promote the students ability. The winner of this category this year will also have the opportunity to have their portfolio produced by a printer in the Queensland market free of charge. 



7. Printing - (leaflets, flyers, brochures, stationery on a single sheet of stock)

  1. 1-3 Colours Offset
  2. 4+ colours Offset
  3. Digital — Any number of colours
    (model of equipment used to be identified at time of entry)
  4. Letterpress — any number of colours on any substrate

8. Packaging - Any material, any format

9. Web Offset (Heat Set or Cold Set. With or without cover)

**NB. Offset covers will not be judged. Web Offset produced components only to be critiqued.

10. Labels - Sheet Fed or Roll fed labels.

  1. Flexographic
  2. Offset
  3. Digital

**5 continuous images required on roll fed labels.

11. Commercial Posters, show cards, card construction and mobiles - Any number of colours on any material.

12. Embellishment

The enhancement of a printed job by the addition of decorative processes. These may include embossing or debossing, gold blocking or other foiling or use of specialised adhesive panels.
It does not include for example the addition only of a spot varnish.

13. Wide Format -

  1. Rigid Substrate - suits flatbeds but could also be roll fed and mounted
  2. Flexible Substrate –  suits roll fed machines of all types but allows for hybrid machines to be included. Please do not mount this entry.

**substrate, ink type, machine to be identified at time of entry. 2 samples to be provided if possible. Photographic image of installation acceptable OR request of onsite visual if required (SEE Condition of Entry No. 10)

14. Impact Mail, Sensory Mail & Direct Mail - Impact Mail is a delivery service that allows customers to send addressed mail items of virtually any shape or design, without the need for an envelope. Mail items can be made of paper based stock or a range of other non-paper materials such as rubber, plastic, laminate, vinyl, leather or wool. Sensory mail includes items of visual impact (e.g. lenticular printing), smell, taste, sound or touch. Direct mail can include any item addressed or unaddressed including marketing and promotional material. Entries may be produced by any method on any substrate.

15. Presentation Folders - Any number of colours on a single sheet.

16. Booklets, Catalogues, Brochures & Magazines - offset printed. With or without a cover. Any style of finish – saddle stitched, wiro bound, coil bound, plastic and spiral coil. Section sewn or Perfect Bound up to 60pp.

17. Books - offset printed. Any number of colour perfect bound, burst bound, section sewn or case bound. Minimum 60pp.

18. Digital - Books, Booklets, Catalogues, Brochures & Magazines – Printed on any machine, any substrate, any binding method.

19. Self-Promotion - Entries, regardless of category or format, that promote any organisation with the scope of the printing industry, or which feature the printing company or entrants name as a prominent feature of the entry, will be classified as ‘self-promotion’. Any format, any process – in the graphic arts and advertising industries. These entries are ineligible to be entered into all other categories. (SEE Condition of Entry No. 5)

20. Regional / Small Business - Any number of colours, any format, any printing process on any material. Regional is defined as north of Noosa and west of Ipswich. Small Business is defined as companies hiring less than 11 staff.

21. Speciality Printing - promotional printing, architectural printing, glass printing, screen printing, 3D printing, laser etching, engraving. Any number of colours, any substrate.

22. Free Category - this is an open category to any size company within the print, packaging and visual communications industry. You will receive a digital file from Printing Industries Association of Australia, Queensland Branch upon request. You can produce this file by any print method and on any substrate. The only limitations to this category is the finished size to be A3 and there can only be a maximum of 2 embellishments used for enhancements. (This does not include spot varnish). For receipt of this file, please contact qld@printnet.com.au and request ‘Category 22. Free - Artwork File’.


Judges Choice

The best of the best. Judges choose an entry that has been submitted which outshines all other entries. All elements of the entry are at the highest standard and contribute to the overall piece being the best entry on the evening.


Environmental management award

The Environmental Management Award continues this year. The award is designed to recognise the efforts of print businesses to reduce their own impact on the environment and to educate customers and suppliers on the importance of environmentally responsible supply chains and of the printed product itself.



Progressive trophy

The Progressive Trophy has been created to recognise and reward an exceptional individual showing exemplary promise as future leaders in the print, packaging and communications sector. The requirements of this award is to display an innovation in thinking, creative use of technology, favouring or promoting progress in a particular field or environment within our industry.



GAMAA – LIA National Graduate Scholarship Prize (Presented Biennially)

There are usually ten graduates vying for the $15,000 prize, comprising the winning state graduates from the current and previous year. Without exception, when they come together, their spirit and enthusiasm is infectious. Whilst the group is together they are hosted by major printing companies, who provide informative plant tours and hospitality, they get to know each other and often form lasting friendships.A condition of acceptance of this prize is, that the money must be used in the furtherance of the winner’s education. The announcement of the winner and the presentation of the Prize will be held this year at the Queensland PICA Dinner.


LIA – Printing Industries Future Leaders Award (Presented Biennially)

The judges are also charged with the selection of a graduate from the group who they believe, has the potential to become an outstanding contributor to the industry. The winner will have exhibited a set of specific characteristics, which in the judge’s opinion indicates that with further development and application, he or she, could become a future industry leader. The Award provides the winner with an all-expenses paid visit to DRUPA or other trade show in the year following the presentation of the award.Tenimet.

Presentation dinner

At the PICA 2015 Awards Presentation Dinner not only will we have the opportunity to see some of the best design and print in Queensland, but we will also be celebrating our apprentices with the biennial GAMAA – LIA National Graduate Scholarship Prize and the LIA Printing Industries Future Leaders Award. This year’s awards will again incorporate the Environmental Management Award and the Progressive Trophy.

Date and Time: Friday 30th October 2015, viewing from 6pm for 7pm start

Venue:  Royal on the Park
              Cnr Alice and Albert Streets
              Brisbane QLD 4000

Dress: Lounge Suit

Cost: $130 per person for 3 Course Dinner including beer, wine and soft drinks

RSVP by 16 October


Conditions of entry

  1. All entries must be printed between 1st August 2014 and 31st July 2015.

  2. Entries must be delivered to Printing Industries Office,
    2/42 Finsbury Street, Newmarket, Qld, 4051 prior to 12.30pm on Friday 11th September 2015 or take us up on the Early Bird Entry offer Friday 14th August

    All entries must be accompanied by the relevant fee
    $40 per entry (Printing Industries members)
    $50 per entry (non-members)
    $25 per entry – Graphic Design Student Cat 5.
    $35 per entry Early Bird PIAA Members
    $45 per entry Early Bird Non-Members
    $20 per entry – Early Bird Graphic Design Student Cat 5.

    See important dates page 3
    Entry fees are inclusive of GST
    Cheques should be made payable to PICA AWARDS
    Late entries may not be accepted
  3. There is no restriction on the type of stock used or the method of printing. Imported stock, artwork or photographs from overseas sources are acceptable. PRINTING AND FINISHING MUST BE PRODUCED IN QLD.
  4. All entries must be representative of a bona fide commercial job and be part of a ‘production run’ i.e. at least 100 copies printed, except Categories 2, 6, 7c, 13a, 13b, 18 and 22, fewer production run numbers are relevant for these categories.
  5. Any entry that is a self-promotion of a company or product in the graphic arts and advertising industries must be entered into Category 19 and cannot be entered into any other category and is not eligible to win the ‘Judges Choice’ awards. Stationery is not considered as Self Promotion.
  6. All entries must be accompanied by an official entry form (part of this document and may be photocopied), which includes the ‘production details’. The entry form must be accurately completed with all relevant details. If all sections are not accurately completed it may result in the non-acceptance of the entry. Entry forms must be written clearly, as this information is presented in the awards booklet.
  7. Entries should make recognition of all contributing sources on the entry form, which will be displayed with the entry after judging.
  8. All entries will be retained by the PICA committee until Friday 11th December 2015 and may be reclaimed by the entrant up to and including this date. After 11th December 2014, entries become the property of the PICA committee.
  9. Entrants are responsible for the despatch and return of all articles at their expense. Although normal care will be taken, no responsibility is accepted for damage to or loss of any entry or part thereof, either in transit or whilst in possession of the PICA committee or its assistants.
  10. Two (2) samples of each entry are required. Both samples should be entered together with section A attached with glide on to one sample and Section B attached to second sample. Smaller entries and matching sets e.g., stationery, must be display-mounted to avoid damage or separation and to enhance presentation for judging.
    Category 2. Illustration: Copy of the original is acceptable if it was a ‘one-off’ commissioned piece.
    Category 6. Student Award: One copy only required.

    Category 13. Wide Format: 2 samples required if possible. Photographic image of installation acceptable OR you can request an onsite visual if required. Visual limited to time frames and distances. Please contact qld@printnet.com.au for inspection of sample.

  11. Entries will be restricted to four (4) entries per category per company.
  12. Print Category Awards will be judged by independent judges using the following criteria:
    Excellence and quality of process design
    Excellence and quality of prepress
    Excellence and quality of printing
    Excellence and quality of finishing
  13. Design Category Awards will be judged by independent judges using the following criteria: 
    User experience
    Creativity, Innovation and originality
    Medium and production
    Commercial effectiveness
  14. The Committee’s decision will be final.
  15. Entries will be displayed at the PICA Awards on Friday 30th October 2015 at Royal on the Park, Brisbane City. Winners of major awards will be announced at the Awards Dinner and no results will be made available prior to that time.
  16. No award will be made for a category if in the opinion of the Judges the entries in that category do not warrant an award.
  17. If in the opinion of the Committee, an entry should be reclassified, the entrant will be advised and may then elect to continue or withdraw. If the latter, entry fees will be refunded.
  18. Prize winning entrants may use the PICA title and logo on the advertising and printed material which is produced in Queensland.
  19. Gold Medal winners will be automatically entered into the National Print Awards by Printing Industries where they will compete with Gold medal winning entries from other state awards.

  20. Entries in category 7c, 13a and 13b must state manufacture & model of equipment used

  21. Early Bird Entries Close Friday 14th August 2015. Final Entries Close Friday 11th September 2015

Important dates

Friday 14th August PICA Early Bird entries close

Friday 11th September PICA entries close

Friday 18th September PICA Early Bird Awards Dinner RSVPs due

Wednesday 16th October PICA Awards Dinner RSVPs due

Friday 30th October PICA Awards Presentation Dinner

Contacts & Sponsors

For more information

Printing Industries Association of Australia

t: (07) 3356 0022

e: qld@printnet.com.au



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Industry partners

  • Printing Industries Association of Australia
  • AGDA
  • Design Institute of Australia
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